Here is a quick over view of the rules for the WEKAF Padded Stick events. This is just a quick brake down of the rules so you as a fighter know what you need to do to become a champion.


Single Stick:Competitors will each use a single 28" padded stick (provided). 

All Divisions:Each match will consist of a 1 rounds of 2 minutes in duration, This is for continuous and 1 stop hit for adults.1 minute for under 16 years. IF YOU GET YOUR 10 POINTS BEFORE YOUR 2 MINUTES YOU ARE THE WINNER

UNDER 16 years with padded stick will be called Padded Point. This means that every time a point is scored the referee will stop the fight and bring the 2 fighters into the centre to start again, The first fighters to get 10 points is the winner. If the fighters are doing double padded stick it will be continuous and the 3 judges will decide the winner at the end of the fight. All under 16 years will fight in full armour unless decided by their coaches and officials at the tournament.

                                                            Competitors are required to wear a padded helmet and gloves, GROIN BOX AND FEMALES CHEST PROTECTORS.WEKAF HELMET IS OK


Engagement Rules:Points will be given for clean shots to any of the targets. Head, Hands. Arms, Body and legs down to the knees. NOT THE KNEE JOINT. NO VINDICTIVE STRIKES TO KNEE JOINTS OR BELOW.             

Disarms: A disarm is defined by a loss of a weapon due to its being taken by the opponent or it falling to the floor.
In the event of any disarm, accidental or intentional, a point will be awarded to the opponent of the competitor who is disarmed. Three disarms in any match will result in an immediate TKO and end of match.
In the Double padded stick division, with the use of two weapons, if one weapon is disarmed, the competitor will                                                            continue for the duration of the match with a single weapon. If both weapons are disarmed, this will be a TKO.                                                          


Scoring At the time of scoring, each judge will score a point for the competitor who effected the most probable clean strikes. The match will be decided by a majority of three judges, who each determine a winner based on their choice of who got the majority clean strikes.                                                           


Stunning Damage:(Minimum Scoring Criteria) A strike or quick combination of strikes that would have caused enough damage to at least temporarily stop the opponent from continuing. 

Stopping Damage A strike or quick combination of strkes that did or would have totally stopped the opponent.

Damage Priority:   1. Head
                                                             2.Hands to the elbows and down to knees. No strikes to knee joint or below the knee.
                                                             3.Shoulders, ribs, thighs.



Soft, foam type headgear with full face protection is mandatory.
                                                             WEKAF HEAD GEAR IS OK.So are fencing helmets

Bring your own.
  - Mouth guards are not mandatory but may be used.
  - Groin Protection is mandatory for Males, (hard shell cups).

                                                            Recommended for females (padded type).  - Hand protection is highly recommended.


 ARM PADS No arm pads are allowed unless you are injured. This is padded stick only.

 FEMALES Chest protectors are recommended.


SCORING- The scoring will be the same as full armour. A 10 point must system. The judges will judge the fight on clean hits to the target areas. The winner will get 10 points.